Troubleshooting Your Mac

I received a call from a customer who is a new Drive Genius 3 and looking to trouble shoot his mac. He received Drive Genius and installed it on his hard drive. He also received a DVD .dmg file which he wanted to burn onto a DVD to make a startup disc for his Mac. He wanted to know about this icon that showed up on his tool bar on top. I told him its called DrivePulse and it monitors the Mac’s internal and external hard drives. He was asking because he did not enable it, I then explained to him it’s enabled as soon as you install Drive Genius 3. I explained to him what Drive Pulse does and he was happy that it monitored his drives. I also explained to him that Mac OS does not have utility like that built into the OS.

DrivePulse can be a valuable tool for trouble shooting your Mac

I received another customer call from a customer that was trouble shooting his mac using Drive Genius 3. He was calling about a warning he had received from DrivePulse® that indicated errors were found on his Macintosh HD. He was not sure how to repair the volume as this option was grayed out in Drive Genius 3 when he selected his Macintosh HD. I explained to him that Repair requires that the drive be unmounted, so he will need to start from another startup device in order to run the Repair. He was able to start his Mac using a clone backup and then went into Drive Genius 3 to run the Repair which completed successfully. He was very glad that DrivePulse warned him about this error so that he could fix it before it caused further problems.

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