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Data Rescue

Recover lost or accidentally deleted files from your Mac, PC, or other device.

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Drive Genius

Compatible with macOS High Sierra

Be in control of your Mac. Monitor your system for hardware and software troubles.

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Data Backup

Prevent data loss by using our user-friendly and automation-ready file backup software.

Your Data is Precious and Valuable.

We’re here to protect your digital memories, hard work, and important information. Data Rescue and Drive Genius has helped

Over 2 Million Users in 43 Countries

However, we did not stop there! Finding the price of physical data recovery to be too high and with expensive examination charges, we created The Data Rescue Center in Livermore, California. The award-winning hard drive recovery service has allowed thousands to reconnect with their lost data.

The Data Rescue Center Services

In situations where your hard drive is physically damaged and software cannot access the data, you will need a data recovery lab to have them physically recover the data.

Hard Drive Recovery

The Data Rescue Center has the authorization and ability to perform hard drive recoveries from any and all hard drive manufacturers.

RAID Recovery

Regardless of what type of RAID you are running, The Data Rescue Center has the right knowledge and personal to perform the best data recovery service possible.

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*Software Download Only

Data Rescue is the clear choice.

Data Rescue is designed, developed and tested in a professional Data Recovery Lab to ensure that it works in real-world cases like yours. No other competitor can claim such an advantage.

With nearly 20 years of rich heritage and billions of files found, Data Rescue the clear choice for those serious about becoming reunited with their lost files.

Not sure if Data Rescue can help you? Try our Lost File Finder app to view all your files that can be recovered. No Risk. No Obligation, and it's Free!

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What Our Customers Say

“I’m so thankful for Prosofts products. Their Data Rescue product was a great investment, becuase it got back my priceless wedding photos back! It was so easy to use and the support was very helpful! Thank you again Prosoft Engineering!”

- Gabriel N.

"This product (Data Rescue) REALLY works!!! It will restore you files with their content and correct file name (most other software will not restore the file name which makes the whole process VERY PAINFULL). And I was able to recover BIG files (+10GB) which is usually very difficult! Love this software, highly recommended!"

- Teri F.

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for Data Rescue. Apple couldn't retrieve my files and handed back my dead drive. With your software and a USB drive adapter, I saved everything 100% intact."

- Jerry K.