A valued Prosoft customer recently shared his sales experience with us as well as posted his review on Amazon.

“Being a serious amateur photographer I can not afford to lose photos on a compact flash card after hours of work traveling and setting up equipment and getting the shot I was looking for in perfect light. But it happened. An 8GB CF card went south and I could not retrieve the photos when I got home. After searching the internet I decided to try Data Rescue 3. The problem was that I had actually purchased Drive Genius 3 but thanks to Michael in Prosoft’s Customer Support my error was discovered and the offer to swap Drive Genius 3 for Data Rescue 3 was made. However I decided to keep Drive Genius 3 and purchase Data Rescue 3 as I had already used Drive Genius on one of my external drives. Data Rescue 3 found all of my photos on the CF card and many others I had long forgotten. This was on a CF card that had been used and re-formatted many times. I was amazed and it was a real life saver for me. Not only am I impressed with the product but I am very impressed with their customer support. Too many businesses do not seem to understand the importance of having the right people in interfacing with their customers. A well developed product is always necessary but with poor support you just will not make it today. From where I sit, Prosoft has both.”

-Jack Haslup