Prosoft's Professional, Enterprise, and Education Bundles

Prosoft Engineering offers Discounted Software Bundles of our three main award-winning softwares: Data Rescue, Drive Genius, and Data Backup.

We prevent computer disaster. In today’s modern age, your digital foundation and security is more important than ever. By making sure your software and hardware is optimized, you can avoid the day you have to call for data recovery. We designed our software to keep you safe from all forms of data loss. Our sister company, The Data Rescue Center, has seen too many hard drives lost because of neglect.

The Award-Winning Products

Drive Genius

Drive Genius 5, the latest advance from Prosoft Engineering, will speed up, clean up, and protect your office Macs. The new automated Malware scanner makes sure no viruses get through your system. The DrivePulse feature actively scans files for hard drive errors. And Drive Genius gives you a host of additional hard drive optimization tools. Drive Genius 5 saves your company's computers from the effects of overuse.

Data Backup

Data Backup is crucial for saving the critical data for your company. We are talking to wedding photographers, video editing firms, accounting offices, etc. These types of stored data are heartbreaking to lose. Data Backup is a powerful utility that allows you to backup, restore, and synchronize your valuable data. The backup process is automated, taking one more task off of your list. Now you will never need to worry about your computer’s hard drive crashing again, because there will be an automated backup waiting for you.

Data Rescue

Data Rescue (Mac or PC) is for a worst-case scenario. This data recovery software recovers priceless documents from crashed hard drives. During the deep scan, Data Rescue searches through the used and free space on your hard drive for raw data. Then, the software will rebuild those files, giving you your data back. For hardware issues, you can send your hard drive to The Data Rescue Center for a full analysis and report. Make sure to have Data Rescue in your arsenal!

Additional Products for Bundling

The Professional Bundle

The professional bundles have reduced-price seat licenses per computer, per software. Some valuable perks are included with all of these bundles:

The Professional Bundle is for companies insuring themselves against hard drive crashes. With the Professional Bundle, you customize your package to have malware protection for your entire fleet. All of your company’s data can be automatically backed up, and your computers will always run at peak performance.

The Professional Bundle can serve you. The three softwares make sure your computer is always reliable. That means smooth performance and automatic backups of your important information.

This takes one more worry off of your mind and bottom line. Because you never want to be unprepared the day your computer crashes. Make sure to secure a healthy, optimized future for your company's computers. Check out the Prosoft Professional Bundle for our popular and powerful software.

The Enterprise Bundle

Imagine an entire office of reliable, optimized computers. Your IT staff gets to reduce computer down-time. Work productivity and efficiency increases. And you see the sleek, fully functioning enterprise you always envisioned.

Now, the Enterprise Bundle can take care of your computers. This bundle allows for specific customization. You can include any number of licensing seats for any number of softwares. You can spread the enterprise license to include your in-house and telecommuting employees. The Enterprise Bundle includes free technical support, unlimited recoveries, and a partnership with the Data Rescue Center. Call us at for a free estimate.

The Educational Bundle

The majority of university administrators, teachers, IT staff, and students use computers. Personal computers play an important role in education. Administrators have to organize the campus classes. Students have to write important essays and share presentations, making computer reliability more important.

Get the bundled package to optimize and backup your university’s computers. Every year, hundreds of students lose important documents to faulty hard drives. With the educational bundle, they can recover them with Data Rescue. The automatic Data Backup saves your latest file changes.

Prosoft Engineering offers the educational bundle to universities and high schools. Private course institutions and prep centers are also eligible. University administrators can include the educational bundle in tuition costs. Contact us now at for a free estimate.

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If you want more information on any of the individual products, please click on the links above: they have complete information on the softwares. Each product comes with a user guide, an FAQ section, and Free U.S.-based Tech Support.

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