Picture Rescue

Digital Picture and Video Recovery for Mac and PC

  • Recover: lost digital pictures and videos after deletion, reformatting or corruption.
  • Preview photos before you recover them.
  • Secure-delete tool to permanently erase your photos and videos.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.8 - 10.13
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10


About Picture Rescue

Accidentally delete, reformat or have a corrupt camera media card? Picture Rescue is a photo recovery software that recovers digital pictures and videos from Mac and PC hard drives. It can recover lost digital pictures or videos after deletion, reformatting or corruption. This is an easy-to-use photo recovery software that allows you to preview photos before you recover them. Picture Rescue also comes with a secure-delete tool if you find that you want to permanently erase your photos and videos from your hard drive.

Digital Photo and Video Recovery Software from Digital Camera Media

Picture Rescue Important Photos

Don't panic, your most precious digital and pictures and videos are not lost, they're just 3 easy steps away...

Everybody loves digital cameras because they are easy to use and there’s no film or developing costs involved. However, one of the big problems with digital cameras is that the media cards they save pictures on can be easily corrupted or accidentally erased. You then run the risk of losing your irreplaceable digital pictures of your baby’s first steps, son’s graduation or your trip to Hawaii. It happens all too often…

Deleted picture and video recovery is as easy as 1-2-3!

Have no fear, Picture Rescue digital photo recovery software is here! Scan, Select and Recover… with these 3 simple steps, your digital pictures are back in perfect condition. No worries, no fuss, and no angry family members! Imagine digital image recovery made that simple.

Picture Rescue Easy Process



Picture Rescue is very easy-to-use and designed for the novice computer user.It is the most reliable picture recovery software available. Picture Rescue will search for and recover digital pictures and/or videos that are on your digital camera media card. Picture Rescue will work when the digital pictures have been deleted, lost or if the media card has been reformatted or even corrupted! Picture Rescue works with all types of digital camera media and camera manufacturers.

Steps to Recover your Digital Images

To start on the road to recovery, simply download and install a free demo of Picture Rescue. After installing Picture Rescue, simply select a camera or media card adapter, press start. After the scan has completed, watch your lost and deleted digital pictures appear with a thumbnail preview so you can actually see the picture before the digital recovery has taken place. Once you are able to see the thumbnail preview you can recover the image after you purchase a serial number for Picture Rescue to activate the full version (serial number will be emailed immediately).Then drag and drop all the digital pictures and videos you would like to recover (The demo version of Picture Rescue is limited to recover one file).

Picture Rescue Install


Picture Rescue digital picture recovery software can be video recovery software as well. Picture Rescue has the ability to recover both digital pictures and digital videos. Another option Picture Rescue offers is to make an exact copy of your media card right to your computer (and recover pictures and video later). That way you can preserve the digital images and prevent any further data loss. Then at a later time go back and recover the digital pictures you desire. There is even an option to secure-delete pictures that you no longer want and they become permanently unrecoverable.

Picture Rescue Camera Media

Recovers from ANY camera media


Supports ALL camera types

Photo and Videos

Recovers Photos and Videos


Recovers ALL file types


You select the drive you want the pictures to be recovered to. Picture Rescue makes no attempt to repair a damaged media card, which protects you from additional damage or picture loss. Prosoft also offers free US based support or check out our FAQs for Picture Rescue.

Picture Rescue Features:

  • Simple, robust photo recovery software.
  • Recovery of photos and videos from accidental deletion.
  • Recovery of photos and videos from a reformatted media card.
  • Recovery of photos and videos from a corrupted media card.
  • Free to try before you buy.
  • Works on all digital camera media cards.
  • Recovers all file types.
  • Secure-delete pictures that you no longer want and they become permanently unrecoverable.
  • View and click on the pictures you want to recover. There’s no need to recover every picture found, just the ones you want.
  • Award-Winning and highly rated.
  • Works on a Mac or PC.
  • FREE US-based Technical Support via email.

Picture Rescue Images

Picture Rescue can recover these types of digital photo and video file types:

Picture Rescue can recover from the following camera manufacturers:

Agfa* FujiKodakMinoltaPhillipsSharp
CasioHPLeica* OlympusSamsungVerbatim

* Please Note: Picture Rescue will not recover pictures after a format operation in Olympus and Fuji cameras using XD media.