How Workspace Is Needed for Mac File Recovery?

Today I helped a customer with Mac file recovery. He had a 2TB external drive that he had accidentally reformatted which stored his pictures and music. He had already downloaded and installed the demo version of Data Rescue 3 on his Mac and was ready to start a scan, but was not sure what to use as his workspace.

Allocating Workspace for File Recovery

Workspace is where Data Rescue 3 stores scan information. He was wondering if he needed another drive that is the same size as the 2TB drive he was scanning to use as the workspace. I explained to him that the workspace only stores information found during a scan. We recommend that the free space available on your workspace should be at least 2% the size of the source drive that you are scanning. He then decided to use his Macintosh HD volume as the workspace as he had over 100GB of free space available and he started his Deep Scan.

After the Scan

He finished the scan with Data Rescue 3 and he was able to see the files that were found in the scan results window. He connected another external hard drive that had enough space available for the files that he wanted to recover. He then recovered his data to this drive. When the recovery completed he was able to find all of the pictures and music files that he lost on the accidentally reformatted drive.

After the Free Trial

If you are happy with the results from using the free trial version of Data Rescue 3 and see the files you are looking to recover. All you need to do is purchase a serial number and you can plug it in and continue the recovery right from that point. No need to rescan and start over. If you need any assistance we offer FREE technical support via phone or email.

Check out the trial version or download and purchase Data Rescue 3 for $99.