Developing a Plan to Protect Your Digital Assets

Everyday we seem to capture video from events, take pictures, and purchase all sorts of media. We store these digital files on our hard drives and rarely consider the consequences if one of our storage devices fail. This is why there is no better time than the present to develop a routine backup strategy and maintenance plan to protect your precious digital assets.

Video files can be very large and easily fragmented. Large drives filled primarily with video content should be backed up regularly and defraged to optimize video playback and editing performance. If you utilize iPhoto, your digital images should reside on at least two hard drives for safe keeping. Users with extensive iTunes libraries should backup daily to preserve playlists, artists, album artwork and detailed cataloging.

Drive Genius is a great way to defrag your Mac, monitor hard drive performance and perform routine maintenance like sparing bad blocks, repartitioning and reallocating volumes for changing storage needs. If you use large external storage devices like multi-terabyte drives on a daily or weekly basis for your workflow, I encourage you to match your device of choice with another drive to back up to on a regular basis. Drive Genius includes a cloning tool which serves as a great method to create disk images and device-to-device clone backups. Protect your creativity, work, pictures and events in time with care by using Drive Genius along with a backup strategy. Developing and following a good maintenance and backup plan eliminates the need for data recovery efforts and increases the shelf life of your digital assets.