Repairing Permissions on a Mac vs. Repairing a Volume

I was working with a customer who had an issue with her Mac. Drive Genius 3 is a great tool for repairing permissions on a Mac. It has already warned her of a problem with her main hard drive, but she did not know how to resolve it. Drive Genius 3 reported that her internal drive on her Mac had errors and therefore needed to be repaired. She opened Drive Genius 3 and then went to the Repair Tool, selected her “Mac HD” and ran repair permissions. After repairing permissions was finished she was happy and went on using the Mac because the repair permissions was done.

Repairing Volume vs. Repairing Permissions on a Mac

However, later Drive Genius 3 again reminded her there was a error on her Mac HD and it needs to be repaired. She contacted us, I found out what she was doing and I explained the difference between repairing the volume and repairing permissions. In order to repair the internal hard drive of the mac you either need to startup from a secondary startup drive or the Drive Genius 3 DVD so that the internal hard drive can be unmounted for repair. Repair permissions only fixes preference files or permissions that get damaged in the OS.

Prosoft offers free technical support via phone or email. We also have several how-to guides and videos available on our website. Drive Genius has received 4 and 5 star reviews from all the major Mac publications. It is also used by Apple at the Genius Bar for ProCare Members to defrag their hard drives.