Today I worked with a customer who needed help performing DIY data recovery on his internal Mac hard drive.  One of his four internal drives in his Mac Pro was having problems.  He was using one of the drives as his primary startup drive and the other three drives he was using for storage.  One of his backup drives was no longer mounting to his desktop and this was a drive that stored pictures on.

Steps to using Data Rescue 3

He was not sure what to do at this point so I guided him to starting Data Rescue 3 to see if the drive would show up there.  He located the drive with Data Rescue 3 and started a Deep Scan on this drive to see if he could find his files.  When the Deep Scan finished he saw that a lot of images were found, so he recovered them to another drive. When all of the files were recovered he began to go through the files and was able to locate all of the images that from the original drive. He was very happy that he was able to recover his pictures this time and has started backing up all of his drives to help prevent further data loss in the future.

Data Rescue 3 - DIY Data Recovery Software for Mac

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