There are a variety of problems that can occur on your Mac that stem from issues with your directory, permissions or user specific errors.  Drive Genius 3 is an excellent tool to help you navigate your way though hard drive issues and prevent data loss.

Block Inconsistency or Corruption Errors

Are you receiving block inconsistency or corruption errors on your Mac hard drive?  Drive Genius 3's Drive Pulse® tool is an excellent way to properly detect this issue and to repair it.

 All Mac OS X drives are formatted Mac OS Extended Journaled. This journaling keeps track of all the files on that drive. Whenever there is corruption on the drive, DrivePulse, will report an error on the drive (credit laura here).  DrivePulse is a tool within Drive Genius 3 that monitors your hard drive.  Corruption issues can be reported as a block inconsistency problem/runtime error or invalid block count.  Drive Genius 3 will then instruct you to run a Repair on the drive to fix this issue.

Repair a Corrupt Mac Hard Drive

Drive Genius 3 can successfully repair the drive but occasionally, the repair can fail. Corruption on the drive causes the repair to fail. When repair fails on the drive, we recommend to backup the drive, erase, and then re-use, as file corruption can ultimately lead to data loss.

Repair your Mac with Drive Genius 3

Drive Genius 3 is an award-winning, highly rated utility to clean up, speed up and optimize your Mac. Need further assistance?  Prosoft also offers FREE technical support via phone or email based from our California headquarters.