Creating a Bootable MediaTools Wipe USB Flash Drive

You can use a USB flash drive that is 512MB or larger in size. Keep in mind that your flash drive should be empty or backup your files to another location. This process will overwrite the destination drive completely.

USB Flash Drive Creation Prerequisites:

MediaTools Bootable USB creation steps:

  1. First follow this URL to the Pendrivelinux website and download the Universal USB Installer.

  2. Launch USB Installer after downloading and agree to terms.

  3. Next fill in the blanks and match your options to the screen shot below.

  4. Note: On step 2 choose the MediaTools_Wipe-120806.iso file supplied with your purchase.

  5. On step 3 your USB drive may have a different drive letter. Carefully select the proper drive , this process will format and overwrite any existing data.

  6. Once the process is finished, you can use your newly created USB drive to boot your current PC or a different one without the use of the CD.

  7. Your PC boot priority bios settings must be set to USB HDD as the first option to startup from the USB drive correctly.

Your PC boot priority bios settings must be set to USB HDD.