How to Run Instant DrivePulse

Instant DrivePulse will run the most common DrivePulse tests on a drive and provide a pass/fail status for each test. Since DrivePulse will not run its tests until the computer is idle, this utility can be used to immediately test a drive.

To run instant DrivePulse on a drive, select the drive from the left of the Drive Genius Window that you’d like to test, then select the ‘Instant DrivePulse’ utility in the Protect section of the feature window as shown below:

Select the drive from the left of the Drive Genius Window.

After selecting the instant DrivePulse utility, press the ‘Start’ button in the lower right corner to begin the test.

If the physical check fails, we recommend replacing your drive. If the consistency check fails, we recommend repairing the drive. If the fragmentation check fails, we recommend defragging the drive.