How to Rebuild the Folder Structure on a Drive

Rebuild is a utility for reconstructing the catalog of files and folders on OS X formatted drives. This will rebuild the directory of the drive (known as the Catalog B-Tree) that contains information pertaining to the location of all files on the drive. Rebuild is a specialized utility we do not recommend its use in normal drive maintenance procedures. Rebuild addresses a very specific set of problems; namely “lost” files that are still on the drive but are no longer accessible because the location pointers to the data have been lost or corrupted.

Note: Rebuilding your internal startup drive requires to boot from a secondary location such as another computer or by creating and using our BootWell utility.

To rebuild a drive, select the drive from the left of the Drive Genius Window that you’d like to rebuild, then select the ‘Rebuild’ utility in the Protect section of the feature window as shown below:

Select the drive from the left of the Drive Genius Window.

After selecting the rebuild utility it can be run (if needed) by pressing the button in the lower right. If the rebuild is reported as successful, the issue has been resolved.