How Can I Run Physical Check on My Drive?

Physical check tests a drive for hardware problems that may result from a damaged drive, bad cable, or a bad connection.

Step 1

Select the drive you wish to test from the drive list and Select the Physical Check Utility.

Step 2

At this step you can choose to select 2 options for a more advanced in-depth scan. Revive damaged areas is a temporary fix for a failing drive however we recommend replacing the drive if it is necessary to use this option. Extended can be used as a burn-in stress test for new drives. Typically neither of these options are necessary for average users.

Once you have selected the appropriate options click on “Start” and the physical check will begin.

Step 3

Once the physical check is complete it will inform you of any bad blocks or other issues with your drive. We recommend replacing the drive if more than 5 bad blocks are found, however, you can spare up to 10 bad blocks.