How to Find Duplicates

The Find Duplicates feature allows you to search a device for potentially unwanted duplicate files.

You should only delete files you are familiar with and are not using (files you know can be safely deleted). If you see unfamiliar files, the best course of action is to assume those files are related to macOS or applications and leave those files alone. The utilities will show all files on your drive according to the options you have selected; they make a best effort to filter files that should not be deleted. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to determine which files to delete.

To Find Duplicates:

Select the drive from the left of the Drive Genius Window that you’d like to search for duplicate files, then select the ‘Find Duplicates’ utility in the Cleanup section of the feature window as shown below.

Select the drive from the left of the Drive Genius Window.

Press the ‘Start’ button in the lower right corner to begin searching for duplicate files.

Once the Find Duplicates scan is complete, a list of files will be provided that meet the criteria of the scan. Although the files may meet the criteria of the scan, it is your choice to remove any of the listed files. Be sure to thoroughly review the files to prevent removing any important files you may be using.

Mark the checkboxes of any files you wish to remove, then select Slim Drive. The software will then begin to remove the duplicate files, leaving an alias that points to the original file.