Create a bootable USB / Firewire Drive Genius 3 startup disk

Please read before creating your bootable startup disk.

The instructions below are designed to help you create a bootable volume / drive. If you have existing data on the volume / drive, you must back it up to another location before proceeding. This process is Data Destructive and cannot be undone. If you are planning to use an existing large storage device like an TB external drive that does not have the proper Apple partition map scheme native to your Mac (GUID), back up your data to another device before reformatting the drive.

Using Apple’s Disk Utility to create a bootable Drive Genius 3 USB / Firewire HD.

  1. Download the boot DVD image supplied with your purchase.

  2. Open Apple’s Disk Utility (located in Mac HD/Applications/Utilities).

  3. Select the drive or volume you want to make bootable in the lefthand pane and click the restore tab.

  4. Select “Images” from the main menu bar and choose “Scan image for Restore”, then browse to the Drive Genius 3 DVD .dmg file from the finder window and click “Scan”

Disk Utility screenshot

It will take several minutes to scan the DVD.dmg file, click ok when its finished.

Disk Utility progress screenshot
  1. Drag the Drive Genius 3 DVD.dmg file to the source window.

  2. Drag the volume you want to make bootable to the Destination window and check “Erase destination” and click the restore button.

Disk Utility source and destination screenshot

Your Drive Genius 3 startup disk will have the DVD icon when mounted on your desktop or appearing as startup disk selections.

You can boot your Drive Genius 3 startup disk 3 different ways.

  1. Open your system preferences / startup disk & select the Drive Genius 3 icon & restart your Mac.

  2. Restart your Mac and hold down the “option” key and select your bootable Drive Genius 3 startup disk & click the arrow.

  3. Restart your Mac and hold down the “C” key until you see the blue screen.

Startup Disk screenshot