How to Use the Emergency Boot CD

If your main computer hard drive has crashed, has a virus or you need to recover deleted files, you should use the emergency boot CD.

This CD will boot up your computer and then allow you to scan your internal boot drive.

Once the scan is done, you can choose which files you want to copy over to your secondary drive (not included).

Using Data Rescue PC3 in this manner allows you to scan your drive without loading the software onto that drive. That’s important since the simple act of loading an application

To use the Emergency Boot CD, simply insert the CD and reboot your computer.

Data Rescue PC3 will automatically access your drive and then guide you through the file recovery process with simple step-by-step directions.

You then simply select the files you wish to recover and Data Rescue PC3 will copy those files over to your; external USB, FireWire, secondary internal hard drive, or a network drive (not included).

Because Data Rescue PC3 comes on a bootable CD, it works in more cases than traditional Windows-based data recovery software tools which require your computer to be running Windows in order to install and run the application.