How to load a past scan

After you run a scan on Data Rescue PC3, you have the option to save the scan file (the file that specifies the locations in which the scan located files on the drive). This scan file will allow you to not worry about losing possible scan results for instance, if you want to turn off your computer.

NOTE: It is still possible to overwrite data on the drive that you scanned after your scan file has been saved, so we do not recommend going back and using the computer until you have fully recovered all the files you were looking for.

In order to use your scan file at a later point:

  1. Select under the “source” window, the drive that you previously scanned and press Next at the bottom right.

dprc3 ss 1
  1. Click on the “Load” button on the bottom left of the window, this should bring up another another window.

dprc3 ss 2
  1. In the window that appears, navigate to where you previously saved the scan file, select it, and open it.

Note: You may receive an error after doing this step, make sure to read this if it appears.

dprc3 ss 3
  1. Your previous scan is now loaded. From here, you may select partitions and recover your data!

dprc3 ss 4