How To Burn A Bootable CD

In order to create a bootable CD with Data Rescue PC3, you have to download the Data Rescue Boot CD zip file. After the download finishes, go to the downloads folder and extract the file.

drpc3 ss 1

After the file has been extracted, double click on the extracted file.

drpc3 ss 2

Then you will see the infra recorder window. Infra recorder is packaged in the zip file to help burn a CD for Data Rescue PC 3.

drpc3 ss 3

Select OK and follow the prompts to burn a CD. I would recommend making sure you have a blank CD in the disc burner.

drpc3 ss 4

Once the burn process is complete, then you can either run/install Data Rescue PC3 or boot with the disc to start your PC.

drpc3 ss 5

This is what the window will look like if you were installing Data Rescue PC3.

drpc3 ss 6