How to Recover from a Secondary Hard Drive on Mac

Recovery from a secondary drive requires only the installed software. Follow these steps to recover from your secondary hard drive.

Step 1

Open Data Rescue.

Step 2

Select ‘Start Recovering Files’ from the Welcome screen.

Start Recovering.

Step 3

Choose your secondary or external drive from the source list and click ‘Next’.

Scan Source.

Step 4

Choose either a Quick or Deep Scan for your device. Click either scan type to learn more about its uses, and click ‘Start’ when you are ready to begin your scan.


Step 5

Once your scan has completed, you can mark files and folders for recovery.

View Scan Results.

Step 6

Once you have marked files and folders for recovery, press the ‘Recover’ button in the lower right. You will then be asked to select a destination for your recovered files. This can be any location other than the device you have scanned.