How To Recover From A Secondary Hard Drive

Recovery from a secondary drive requires only the installed software. Follow these steps to recover from your secondary hard drive.

Step 1

Open Data Rescue.

Step 2

Select ‘Start Recovering Files’ from the Welcome screen.

Recover Secondary Drives

Step 3

Choose your secondary or external drive from the source list and click ‘Next’.

Choose External Drive To Recover

Step 4

Choose either a Quick or Deep Scan for your device. Click either scan type to learn more about its uses, and click ‘Start’ when you are ready to begin your scan.

File Scan Options

Step 5

Once your scan has completed, you can mark files and folders for recovery.

Recoverable Mac Files

Step 6

Once you have marked files and folders for recovery, press the ‘Recover’ button in the lower right. You will then be asked to select a destination for your recovered files. This can be any location other than the device you have scanned.