How To Create A Recovery Drive

A Recovery Drive is a special startup drive that can be created through the Data Rescue software on your own device or, alternatively, purchased preconfigured on our website.

NOTE: Creating a Recovery Drive on a device will erase all contents of the device. It is recommended that you backup the files of the drive or use an empty device. We recommend using a USB 3.0 Flash Drive that is 8GB or larger.

To create a Recovery Drive, follow these steps:

Step 1

From the Welcome screen click on the ‘Create Recovery Drive’ menu option.

Create External Recovery Drive

Step 2

Highlight the device and press ‘Start’ in the lower right to create the Recovery Drive. Confirm that the device will be overwritten to continue.

Creating Recovery Drive

Step 3

To boot into the Data Rescue Recovery Drive, restart your computer while holding the Option key. Once a list of drives appear you can release the Option key and select the recovery drive which will be named ‘Data Rescue’.

NOTE: You will need to re-enter your serial number when booting to the Recovery Drive.