How to Recover from the Main Hard Drive

I wish to: Recover files from my main hard drive.

1. Obtain a Data Rescue 4 BootWell™ Drive.

If you already purchased Data Rescue 4 and selected to receive a Data Rescue 4 BootWell™ Drive, then it is on its way to you!

Or, if you decided not to purchase the Data Rescue 4 BootWell™ Drive, then you will need to create your own. You will need an empty compatible 32GB USB drive for this process.

Note: Prosoft’s Data Rescue 4 BootWell™ Drive has been created and carefully tested to work perfectly with the Data Rescue 4 software. For best results, we strongly recommend keeping this product in your order.

2. Insert the Data Rescue 4 BootWell™ Drive and restart your computer.

3. Immediately hold down the Option key before the chime on your keyboard until you see drive icons appear on your screen.

4. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the drive icon named “Prepare Data Rescue” and press the Return key.

Data Rescue 4 will start automatically after BootWell™ prepares the USB drive for your system. Follow the prompts within the software to run the appropriate scan and then you will be able to recover your data safely to an alternate drive.