Create a Data Rescue 3 Bootable DVD

Step 1 – Using Apple’s Disk Utility

  1. Download the Data Rescue 3 DVD disk image from the link that was supplied in the email from your purchase.

  2. Open Apple’s Disk Utility (located in Mac HD/Applications/Utilities).

  3. Click on the “Burn” icon on the top left corner of the Disk Utility window.

  4. An “Open” prompt will appear. Locate and select the “Data_Rescue_3.2.1_US_DVD_ver2.dmg” file and select “Burn”.

  5. A burn prompt will appear asking to insert a blank DVD-R. Insert the Blank DVD-R and select a burn speed below 6x speed.

Press the “Burn” button to begin the writing process to the DVD.

Lowering the burn speed to the lowest setting will take longer to burn but creates DVDs more consistently the first time around.
dr3 diskutility

Step 2 – Select the Startup Disk

You are now ready to boot Data Rescue 3 from your device. Simply restart your Mac and hold down the ‘C’ key until you see the blue screen.

You can also open your system preferences/startup disk and select the boot device then restart your Mac.

dr3 startup 748x458

Alternatively you can restart your system by holding down the ‘alt/option’ key to bring up the options menu during startup. Select your bootable Data Rescue 3 DVD and click the continue arrow to proceed with booting from the DVD.