How To Set Up Text And Email Notifications

Data Backup PC supports the ability to set up text/email notifications to alert you when your backup is complete. Setting up these notifications is simple and can be done with the following steps.

Step 1

First, with the application open, click on the ‘Edit’ drop-down at the top of your screen, and select ‘Preferences’.

Edit Data Backup Preferences

Step 2

Select the ‘Email Notifications’ tab.

Data Backup Email Notifications

Step 3

Check the ‘Send email notifications’ box to enable the notification options.

Data Backup Send Email Notifications

Step 4

You can now enter your email address in the ‘Send to:’ textbox. You can also add a phone number in the ‘SMS Phone Number (US):’ textbox and select your cell phone carrier in the option box dropdown. Please note that text messaging charges may apply when using SMS text notifications.

Data Backup Text Message Notifications

Step 5

Customize notification settings as needed for your setup. Options include receiving notifications when a backup starts, completes, or only when a backup fails/has errors. Once you have finished setting up your notifications, press the ‘Apply’ button.

When To Receive Data Backup Alerts