Prosoft Newsletter Sep 2021

Drive Genius 6 Subscription Model

Dear Loyal Users,

We have heard our users’ concerns about the limitations of the Drive Genius 6 subscription model. We have gone ahead and increased the number of devices that the software can be activated on from one system to three active systems at a time. You will now be able to move your standard subscription to any new system without any issues. There is a limit to the number of new systems that can be activated per year.*

We understand some have purchased multiple subscriptions and we want you to make sure you adjusted your renewal settings. Note: There are no refunds, partial refunds, or credit for users that made multiple subscription purchases previous to this newsletter, we hope you can understand.

How to make adjustments to your renewals?

The Account Management Portal provided by our payment processor will allow you to make the appropriate corrections. It will allow you to do the following listed items.

Account Portal Link: MyAccount

M1 Support

We now support M1 hardware.

We have not found any issues with the latest version of Data Rescue 6 and Drive Genius 6 on systems running the new M1 Silicon from Apple. However, if you run into any complications, feel free to reach out to our support team! We will make sure to look into your ticket promptly.

What are we working on?

Clone and Bootwell

We discovered a problem with the Drive Genius Clone and Bootwell tool in the latest release of macOS Big Sur. We have found a temporary workaround for this that we hope can be implemented into Drive Genius soon. We will be releasing a blog about this in the next few weeks. So make sure you check back!

New UI

We are in the works to overhaul the user interface of Drive Genius and Data Rescue to have an intuitive experience and a guided option to introduce new users to our tools. We hope to have an early sample of this mid to late 2022. We are very excited about these changes as they will allow us to add new tools and features at a much faster pace. We would love to hear feedback on what you would like to see. Please, email us at** we will take your thoughts into considerations.

* There is no disclosed number of new systems the software can be activated too. This number can change at any time, however, a normal household with multiple computers should not run into any problem. The software can only have 3 active instances per subscription.

** We will not be responding to emails that are sent to us here. This email is just for your feedback on the software only.