Drive Genius 6 - False Positive

Dear Loyal Users,

Thank you for your patience with Drive Genius 6. We received notice from our users that their Antivirus software was blocking updates/installation of our Drive Genius software. We were very confused and were put on high alert over this. Our development team confirmed that there were no issues with the software and that this was a false positive. We discovered that our software was put on a Deceptor list which was provided to the following companies.

AVs blocking our software

We have now resolved the issue that AppEsteem had with our software and these AVs should be now allowing installation and updates to Drive Genius over the next couple of days. You can go ahead and download the latest version via the link below or visit our Downloads page. If you have any questions or concerns. Please, send us an email at or start chat on our website during regular business hours.

Download: DriveGenius_6.2.1

Note: If you have any issues installing the software because it’s being blocked by your Antivirus software. Reach out to your Antivirus software support and ask for instructions on how to whitelist this software and or remove this software from their Deceptor list.