Your Sound + Music Better for Mac and PC

  • Improves the sound quality from headphones and internal or external speakers.
  • Add 3D sound and special effects to your Mac or PC.
  • Adjust custom audio settings or select from a wide variety of pre-defined sets.
  • Control sound quality and volume of any application independently.

Price: $19.99

Hear is no longer under development and there is only limited support available.

Incompatible with Windows 10

Does not support iTunes® (Version 12.6.1 and above), Safari, or Firefox on Mac

What is Hear?

Hear is an audio enhancement software that greatly improves the sound quality from your headphones and internal or external speakers. Hear can add 3D sound and other various special effects as well as make your music, movies, games and applications sound incredible on your Mac or PC.

Customize Your Sound Preferences

Hear gives you the ability to customize the sound to your preference with a 10 to 96-band equalizer audio enhancer for your Mac or PC. Once you try Hear you won’t be able to go without it.

Independent Volume Control

Hear can control the volume and quality of each application independently. Lower the volume of the message alerts while you enjoy listening to your music, no more annoying sounds interrupting.

Hear Independant Audio Settings
Hear General Window

Special Effects

There are extensive options to change and add special effects based on your personal preferences and the genre you are listening to. This computer audio enhancer has settings for listening to talk radio with headphones, to high-energy dance music through speakers. You can choose from presets that have already been specially created or create and save your own. You can enable and disable each effect independently and apply the effects in any order for dramatic results. All these options are available to you in easy-to-understand user interface.

Compatible with built-in speakers, bluetooth, and headphones (connected through the audio jacks)

Hear can control the volume and quality of each application independently. Lower the volume of the message alerts while you enjoy listening to your music, no more annoying sounds interrupting.

Hear Free Trial


Hear Mac Demo

Hear Version: 1.3.1

macOS 10.7.5 - 10.13


Hear Windows Free Demo

Hear Version: 1.3

Windows 7/8/8.1

Important Notes:

- An internet connection is required
- Hear does not support USB and FireWire audio interfaces
- Safari is not supported

5 Reviews for Hear

Francis M.
Mac user here: Hate to make comparisons, but Hear beats Boom 2 hands down. Boom 2's foundation is based on Sound Flower which is fundamentally flawed in the use of a virtual audio source that doesn't play well with Facetime. If you need an audio boost and use your system professionally, Prosoft's Hear is the only way to go. Maybe more development for the Mac taskbar for ease of use and a Safari extension to bridge the gap there would be a great improvement.
Steve B.
Can’t listen to music without it! Brings digital music alive. Makes it sound like the good ole Hi-Fi analog days. When can I get the app for my iPhone or iPad?????
J. Suchta
I typically use PC's so I was disappointed that there was such little audio control built in to my MacBook unibody. After some serious searching, I came upon Hear. This is the ultimate audio control application for the Mac. It provides the only way I know of controlling levels when using the optical output on my MacBook. I had a little trouble with installation (it kept asking me to register), but a quick call to Prosoft customer support resolved my problems quickly. Michael, the Prosoft engineer who helped me, quickly identified the problem and offered a solution. It's a great piece of software that I'd pay for again.
Greg D.
I recently downloaded Joe Soft's software, Hear. And. I have to tell you all, that after my day job, I sit in front of my computer for hours, writing. Sure, I know, Hear electronically processes the music streaming down from the hard drive, what else do people expect in this age of digital, technology? We have to face it, analog technology, as beautifully warm as it is, is a thing, of the past, and, believe me, the fastest processors slowly are approximating the clarity and high warmth of analog, without the sizzle trailing behind the open sound. Anyway. Hear is an amazing product which (still nascent, experimenting) is one of the first to play with the sound of compressed or uncompressed, digitally magical sound. To cut pragmatically, things short, purchase it. You won't be unsatisfied. It is the only program available today which heightens the sound of any application streaming through your (now) poor sounding Mac. Just, buy it. I Promise you, you won't be sorry...especially after you learn how to unlock the sound potential it has inside, all the available settings you can muster to play with manually and soon arriving to perfection inside your ears becoming highly sensitive, to bad sound!
Michael W.
For such an inexpensive app the results are wonderful. Even without fiddling with the many individual controls, the presets for diifferent types of sound and music so incredibly enhanced my iTunes collection played through the cheapest of external speakers that they sounded as though they had cost ten times as much. I've only just bought it and look forward to finding out what else it can do. One of the best apps I ever bought for the Mac.

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