Today I helped a customer that wanted to recover files from their MacBook Pro that was no longer booting. I guided him to trying the free trial of Data Rescue 3 to get his data back. After explaining to him a few options on how he could boot his Mac and use Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software, he decided it would be best to connect his MacBook Pro to his iMac using a FireWire 800 cable and boot into Target Disk Mode. This set up allowed his “good” iMac to act as his recovery machine, to scan his bad hard drive on his MacBook Pro. There are other options that are available too, but since he had another good, working Mac, this was a simple set up (just plug in a FireWire 800 cable and reboot his iMac holding down the T key).

With this set up, he was able to see his MacBook Pro hard drive show up on his iMac as a FireWire drive and from there he was able to scan the hard drive of his MacBook Pro using Data Rescue 3. He was able to recover all of the important files from his MacBook Pro’s hard drive and began to reinstall his operating system so he could use his laptop again. He was very happy to have his data back and is glad that he decided to use Data Rescue 3 before he tried anything else.