A little known feature within Data Rescue 3’s toolbox is called “ fileIQ “. This feature can be extremely useful when scanning for deleted files or reformatted drives.

If Data Rescue does not recognize the file type you are trying to recover, FileIQ will help Data Rescue to learn new file types. Data Rescue will analyze any good working file samples and detect any file patterns to help find missing files of that file type. FileIQ will work for many, but not all types of files. However, Data Rescue will tell you if your sample files are likely to work or not, and there is nothing to lose by trying.

To utilize File IQ, please follow these steps:

1) In step 2, click on File IQ. 2) Click on the + icon to add file samples. 3) Choose any at least 5 files of the same file type. 4) Click on Open to add the files into the list. 5) Click on Save. The filetype will be added to the “Learned Types” list. 6) Click on “Back” and select Deep or Deleted File scan to help you search for files of your new file module.

Any files found with the new file module will be listed under the folder “/Reconstructed Files/User Defined/”. Review the information listed in here and select any of the files you wish to recover. More information regarding File IQ can be found in the manual.

More info can be found on Data Rescue 3 from our website : /products/data_rescue.php