The Importance of Computer Backups

Operating system updates, current anti-virus protection, disk defragmentation and internal machine cleaning will all help a computer operate optimally and safely. However, even with all these safeguards, it is still possible that a user will experience data loss. Natural disasters, electrical system problems and user error can render data inaccessible or missing. Normal wear and tear on a machine can cause physical drive failure. Computers are sometimes lost or stolen. Unfortunately, many users fail to implement the single most important data protection task of all: backing up important files and data. A current, complete backup of a computer will be invaluable for data recovery. Backups are not only important for the business owner, but for the home computer owner as well. There are many excuses given for not backing up files: · “I don’t have any important files that need backed up.” Family photos, financial records and personal data are important enough to warrant backing up. · “It’s too difficult to backup a computer.” Software designed for backups can be very user-friendly. · “I don’t have the hardware to backup my files.” New backup software can backup to virtually any device or media available. Furthermore, online backup us becoming very popular and some programs are compatible with online storage. Prosoft Engineering has developed Data Backup PC3 for Windows-based PCs and Data Backup 3 – Mac for Macintosh computers. These backup programs will be invaluable for PC or Mac file recovery. The easy to use interface is backed up by free phone or e-mail technical support.