Signs of a Failing Mac Hard Drive

There are a lot of signs of a failing Mac hard drive. In most cases you will notice a general decrease of speed to do everything on the mac, a lot of beach balls and freezing. Then you also have to watch out for files getting corrupted causing your mac to not boot to Mac OS . The dreaded folder with a question mark.

Solutions to Monitor the Health of Your Mac Hard Drives

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to monitor all these problems and report to you if there is a issue with the drive or the data? There is a solution for this; it’s called Drive Genius 3.

How Does Drive Genius 3 Help

Drive Genius 3 is a mac utility which tracks all the hard drives directly attached to the mac and monitors all the files to make sure there isn’t any corruption on the drives. Drive Genius will inform you before you hard drive fails. Drive Genius 3 can also help you Clone your drive in case you are not sure about your Time Machine backups. Time Machine backups are good but you cannot boot from it. If you have a Clone created with Drive Genius 3 you can start up your mac with it and run from it like nothing happened.

Other Useful Maintenance Features in Drive Genius 3

Drive Genius 3 will also help you shred your important data securely so you can have peace of mind. Drive Genius 3 can help you partition the drive with data on it to create more partitions without loosing any data from it. Drive Genius 3 can help you run tests to see if there any bad blocks on the drive.

Why Do You Need a Disk Utility, Like Drive Genius 3?

macOS does not come with any utilities to monitor the drives in a mac. This is why most users when they experience these issues with their mac they do not know what to do.

How Does DrivePulse® Protect You?

Drive Genius 3 comes with a feature called Drive Pulse. As soon as you install Drive Genius 3, Drive Pulse is activated. Then Drive Pulse monitors al drives attached to the mac running different tests on the drives.

Defrag and Speed Up Your Mac

Drive Genius 3 also comes with a Defrag option which allows a user to defrag their rotational drives to improve performance of these drives. After using macOS all drives do get fragmented which can cause the mac to run slow also. This can cause beach balls too. In Drive Genius 3 when you go into defrag, if the hard drive needs a defrag Drive Genius 3 will recommend a defrag. Drive Genius 3 allows a user to initiate the defrag on the start up volume from within macOS. The mac boots into a minimal environment and after the defrag is completed then restarts back into Mac OS (by Laura Richardson). I would highly recommend this utility and every mac should have it installed on the hard drive.