"Repartition your Mac" Is BACK in Drive Genius!

When Drive Genius 4 was released back at the end of 2014, the repartition feature was no longer part of the suite of tools. We received our customers valuable feedback and their requests to bring it back. In the 4.2 update, we listened and brought it back.

The new update for Drive Genius 4 is now available and free to update. This update will improve some of the existing features as well as respond to the popular request to return the ‘Repartition your Mac’ feature, as well as to become completely compatible with Apple’s new OS El Capitan.

The Repartition tool allows the user to better organize their hard drives and be able to add, modify, or remove partitions on their drives with ease.

Prosoft greatly appreciates all the feedback we received from our customers with the release of Drive Genius 4. Based on the input and suggestions, we made the decision to bring back the easy-to-use repartition tool, so you don’t need to go through Disk Utility.

Also, for this update we are removing a feature. Fix Permissions. With their Latest OS update to El Capitan Apple has removed this feature. In response to this OS change, we will also be removing this feature.

Please make sure to update to the latest version to take advantage of all the improvements. Here is a link to the new version 4.2.

Drive Genius

Or you can update within the software by selecting Drive Genius 4 from the drop down menu at the top of the screen, select check for updates within the list and select Install Update.

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