Removing Duplicate Files with DriveSlim

Today I helped a customer who had a MacBook Air and was looking to free up some hard drive space. He was trying to do a duplicate file search to start the clean up process on his hard drive. He had learned about Drive Genius 3 through a review that was done in iCreate Magazine. He had purchased a copy specifically to use the DriveSlim™ feature and free up some hard drive space.

DriveSlim's Duplicate File Search Feature

DriveSlim™ can search for all duplicates, show you their location and let you delete the unnecessary duplicates. It can also save hard drive space with these useful tools:

Using DriveSlim

After helping him get Drive Genius 3 installed, up and running so he could start removing files with DriveSlim. He began the process of selecting and removing the duplicate files. Once the scan completed its search for files, he saw thousands of duplicates. He wondered if he should choose all of the files or if he had to sort through the results to choose which ones were duplicates. I explained to him that DriveSlim will only display and remove the duplicate file and that the original file will still remain on his hard drive. I also told him that by default, the duplicate will be replaced with an alias, which is helpful if the duplicate was used by any applications or libraries.

DriveSlim Results

After he finished slimming his drive he had saved over 100GB of free space on his hard drive which made him very happy.