There are several reasons that a computer user might suffer data loss. The method of recovering lost files and data will vary according to the type of damage that has been done. For example, data loss due to physical damage to the drive will require that the drive recovery be done by a data recovery company.

Logical failure, however, can often be handled with a software solution. Logical failure is usually caused by corruption of the operating file system. There are several ways this can happen, including improper shut down of the computer and computer virus infection. The problem can occur on either the main drive of the computer or any external storage media attached to it. Proper techniques must be employed to ensure effective file recovery.

Data Rescue PC3 is recovery software that can assist the user in recovering lost data for Windows-based PCs. This recovery software, developed by Prosoft Engineering, is able to run in both application mode and as an emergency boot disk. The purpose of this software is to Windows data recovery, not system repair. It is extremely important that lost data is recovered before any repairs to the system are made.

If drive repair is attempted before data recovery, the lost files may be overwritten during the process and become permanently lost. The Data Rescue PC3 installation disk’s ability to boot the computer via a proprietary operating system allows the lost files to be recovery to a second drive or additional media. However, the software can be installed as an application to recover files on secondary drives and media.