Toady I helped a customer that that accidentally reformatted an external drive plugged into his MacBok Pro that he used to store his digital photos and documents. He had downloaded the demo of Data Rescue 3 Mac Recovery Software but was not sure how to get started recovering his lost Mac files and digital pictures. I was able to guide him how to choose the proper scan for his scenario, which in this case would be a Deep Scan. Once we were able to start the scan on his external drive he was feeling much better since he was on the right path to recovering his lost files.

When the scan finished, he called back and had some questions about what to do after the scan so I walked him through how to review the scan results and how to recover files including his lost digital pictures. He contacted me the following day to let me know that the recovery completed and he was overjoyed because he was able to restore all of his lost files. Another great example of how Data Rescue 3 can save your data and it is very rewarding to be able to help customers through the recovery process.