Recovering Files From a Non-Booting Internal Hard Drive

When your Mac’s hard drive is unable to be booted or accessed it can be a tragedy, especially if some of your most precious memories including pictures, videos, and documents are located on the internal drive of the Mac.

You may try using classic options to fix it, including booting to the recovery partition and using the Repair function inside of disk utility, but what if that doesn’t do the trick? Do you have any other options?

Of course you do!

When all else fails, you can use Data Rescue 4 recovery software for Mac to retrieve your precious files from the drive. Using our proprietary BootWell technology (specially created for scenarios like this), you can boot to the software and run a scan to retrieve your files that were potentially gone forever.

Note: For added simplicity, we highly recommend purchasing our full recovery solution, which includes the BootWell Drive (high-speed USB 3.0, 16GB) with Data Rescue 4 preinstalled. It has been tested in many scenarios and is fully supported by our technical support team.

Once you have completed the scan, sorted through your files and saved them to a secondary drive, you can now go about your business, re-install the operating system on the internal drive, and copy back your files from the data recovery you just did with the Data Rescue.

In situations where you cannot boot your computer, and you don’t have a secondary startup drive or don’t feel comfortable creating one, the BootWell has your back! The BootWell will allow you to boot your problem machine, and provide the best recovery environment available.

If you are working against a time crunch and need to create your own BootWell drive you can do so within Data Rescue 4. To make the BootWell drive first open Data Rescue 4, select Create BootWell drive then on the following screen select the USB flash drive you wish to create into the BootWell (we recommend using a High Speed 3.0 16GB drive). This BootWell will create itself using your internal boot drive, so if your experiencing some physical failure or your drive cannot be accessed at all you may need to create the BootWell on another fully functional Mac computer.

However to skip all this hassle you can purchase a BootWell drive from us that comes partially created and all you will need to do is boot into the drive in order to being your recovery. Once booted into the BootWell you can select Start Recovering Files, select your problem drive then run whichever scan you require.

If you need any assistance using Data Rescue, please contact our FREE US-Based Technical Support Team.