Today I spoke with a MacBook Pro user regarding some lost files on an external hard drive that he had lost data on due to a hard drive failure. He had purchased Data Rescue 3 and had ran the scan on the drive to get some .mov movies which had been originally recorded on his home camcorder.  After Data Rescue had finished scanning the drive, he recovered the files but the files recovered would not open. When I spoke with him, I told him that Data Rescue 3 supported .mov file recovery and many Mac users do indeed use Data Rescue 3 to recover them, so his particular problem seemed to have something else at the heart of the matter. Time for some low-level, technical support guru investigating!

After enquiring, I found out that the .mov files he was trying to recover were inside a hard drive enclosure which had 2 drives in a raid array. It turns out that he was running a scan on the individual drives separately, when the files were actually spanned across the two drives. I then told him that Data Rescue 3 does have the capability to run the 2 drives attached to the mac in a raid array and then run a deep scan to get the files he was after.

Data Rescue 3, quite simply, is the best performing Mac recovery software, especially when it comes to recovering files from a RAID.