Prosoft Engineering Releases a New and Improved Website

Showing the updated main site in 2016.

Livermore, CA – September 21, 2016 – Prosoft Engineering, Inc. proudly announces its release of a new and improved website.

Prosoft has spent the last few months creating an all new website built around the customer journey to make navigation a breeze. We understand most customers come to our website in need of data recovery, and we wanted to offer a simple and easy path to get your data back.

The performance improvements to the new Prosoft website have greatly increased the load time speed and made the site 11 times faster than before!

Prosoft’s Data Rescue and Drive Genius software continue to be the most-used, most-trusted Mac utility software titles on the market. Prosoft Engineering has been producing software and services for the Mac faithful for over 30 years.

About Prosoft Engineering

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. creates professional, quality software designed for both novice and expert users. With more than 300 industry awards over a 30-year period, Prosoft Engineering is recognized as one of the leading software firms creating best-in-class products with unparalleled customer support.

While most companies have outsourced technical support to overseas 3rd-party services, Prosoft maintains all technical support in their California headquarters. Each support team member is 100% trained to be an expert in all products and can be reached free via phone or email. For more information visit

About the Author

Matt W.

My name is Matthew and I am a Technical Support Representative for Prosoft Engineering as well as our sister company, The Data Rescue Center. I am a people person and it is my passion to help others successfully use, and maximize the potential of their hardware and software.