Prosoft Engineering Data Recovery Software for Mac and PC

With more and more personal and business information being stored in digital format, backups of data are of critical importance. Personal financial data, bills, receipts, invoices, and much more can be irretrievably lost at a moment’s notice should a hard drive decide to fail. Even more valuable are letters and email from friends and family. However, the most dreaded loss for many is in the form of family photos. All of this important data can be recovered with the right computer data recovery software such as that designed by Prosoft Engineering: Data Rescue 3 and Data Rescue PC.

Data Rescue 3 is the name of Prosoft’s data recovery software designed for Apple Mac and MacBook users, while Data Rescue PC provides the same robust features for Windows data recovery. Both of these software titles are fully-featured data recovery applications that are completely DIY. Data Rescue 3 makes Mac data recovery a breeze. It operates on a 64-bit platform and can scan drives quickly for fast recovery, or deeply to recover more difficult files. Recently deleted files can also be recovered easily.

Data Rescue PC can be used in two ways. The software can be run as a standard application for data and digital picture recovery, or it can be used from an emergency boot CD. The emergency boot CD allows users to recover data even if their main hard drive crashes and the computer will not boot up on its own. The process sounds difficult, but onscreen step-by-step instructions mean anyone can do it. Once the software locates all of the data, it is just a matter of pointing it to a new drive, whether it is internal or externally connected. Windows data recovery was never easier.