Prosoft Engineering Announces CleanExit – Hard Drive Wiping Software


Prosoft Engineering Announces CleanExit – Hard Drive Wiping Software

Livermore, CA – April 16, 2015 – Prosoft Engineering announced the release of CleanExit, a secure hard drive wiping software that quickly and easily erases your computer hard drive so your files are completely and permanently unrecoverable, protecting you from identity theft.

CleanExit is designed for anyone looking to remove all personal information from a computer or hard drive before it is sold, donated or recycled. This is a crucial step to prevent identity theft when transferring ownership of a computer or hard drive. CleanExit is an ideal low-cost solution that provides professional-level results in an extremely easy-to-use program. “Let’s face it, your computer holds everything that’s important to you. Your financial information and passwords, personal files, family pictures and other files that you don’t ever want to have end up in the wrong hands. It’s important you completely wipe all of those files from your computer or hard drive before you sell, donate or recycle it. As the developer of the top-selling Data Rescue recovery software, we know exactly what it takes to securely delete your files so no one can ever steal them from your old hard drive or computer,” stated Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering.

CleanExit – Erase your Hard Drive. Quickly. Securely.

Identity theft is a problem – don’t make it your problem. CleanExit is hard drive wiping software that is simple, fast and easy to use and works on both Macs and PCs. CleanExit securely and permanently deletes all files from any type of hard drive, flash-based drive or camera media card making the files permanently unrecoverable. CleanExit writes over all sectors of your hard drive, making recovery of previous files impossible. Protect yourself from identity theft with CleanExit.


CleanExit – hard drive wiping software is available directly from:

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