Prosoft Announces the Offical Release of Data Rescue® ONE All-In-ONE Recovery Solution


Prosoft Announces the Offical Release of Data Rescue® ONE All-In-ONE Recovery Solution

Livermore, California – September 30, 2015 – Prosoft Engineering, Inc. announced Data Rescue ONE is now available and shipping. Data Rescue ONE will revolutionize the data recovery industry by combining software, hardware and services into ONE product. When faced with a computer disaster, you now have just ONE product to buy, ONE device to plug in, ONE click to start recovering all your missing or deleted photos, videos, music and documents. Data Rescue ONE also includes support and data recovery services to ensure your data is recovered safely.

“Data Rescue ONE is a complete solution, that is unique and completely custom designed,” said Greg Brewer CEO of Prosoft Engineering, Inc. “We are now able to provide our customers a full circle solution regardless of what their data recovery scenario is. There is nothing like it on the market that has its capability, uniqueness and originality.”

About Data Rescue ONE

Data Rescue ONE is a self-contained computer hard drive recovery solution, which integrates software, services and hardware into ONE product. Designed to be easy to use, Data Rescue ONE doesn’t require any special technical expertise, nor do you need to download or install software. Data Rescue ONE can recover your photos, music, emails, videos and important documents in just ONE click.


Data Rescue ONE is available to purchase directly from in four sizes, including a Professional Version. (Now discontinued)

About Prosoft Engineering

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. creates professional, quality software designed for both novice and expert users. With more than 300 industry awards over a 30-year period, Prosoft Engineering is recognized as one of the leading software firms creating best-in-class products with unparalleled customer support. While most companies have outsourced technical support to overseas 3rd-party services, Prosoft maintains all technical support in their California headquarters. Each support team member is 100% trained to be an expert in all products and can be reached free via phone or email. For more information visit