Prepare for the Worst When It Comes To Your Data

Showing a forest from a lake.

Let’s compare the security of your data to a long river trip; I promise the metaphor will make sense.

Before starting out on the journey, you go over the logistics and potential pitfalls of the river. You plan your daily schedule: how many miles you will cover per day, what you will eat, and where you will sleep. That’s why you bring sunscreen, bug repellant, and life vests. You are already prepared before disaster can strike. Before you start down the river, you want to be protected from every angle.

Before the Journey

In the business world of computers and information, Drive Genius 5 automates this security for you. The one-of-a-kind software protects your computer against physical and logical hard drive errors. So when you start your workday, the automated Mac protection software alerts you before errors occur.

This software offers preventative care for all of your hard drives. By using Drive Genius, you know your hard drives will be automatically protected and cared for. The newest feature is the automatic Malware Scan, which scans your computer files and new downloads for malware. Now you can have hard drive protection from internal and external threats. Drive Genius 5 is the upstream protection; it’s knowing the map of the river, the weather, and the terrain, so every foreseeable circumstance on your business’s long journey is covered.

Now, when you are in the midst of your journey, when your work day is going, and an emergency hits, hopefully you are prepared to solve the problem on your own. Let’s say you hit a rock on the river and lose your paddle. Being prepared means having a backup paddle ready to go in the raft.

On the River

In the computer world, being prepared for worst case scenarios means having a reliable, up-to-date backup of your files on an external hard drive stored in a safe place. Data Backup by Prosoft Engineering automates your backup strategy. The software makes backups easy and flexible. The backups are customizable according to your scheduled needs. You even get alerts when the backup is complete.

Data Backups are necessary for every business. Make sure to backup your data at least once a week, and, ideally, once a day. Having a backup means you are prepared for hard drive disaster, and can keep the boat going smoothly after an unfortunate event.

But sometimes, really unfortunate things can happen on a river. Your boat can flip all of your passengers and gear into the river. Class 4-5 rapids are very dangerous to swim. For this reason, the river patrol scouts the river looking for people in dangerous situations. They save people when they make dangerous, deadly mistakes.

When You Need Rescue

The worst case scenario can sometimes be saved. If you delete your files by mistake, Data Rescue can recover your files for you. The data recovery software searches through the free and used space on your drive looking for known file types. Data Rescue will rebuild your data if your hard drive is suffering from a logical error. Data Rescue even has an adaptable learning program called File IQ, which can learn new file types.

If your computer gets in a serious crash, our world class data recovery facility, The Data Rescue Center, can fix physical errors on your hard drive. Prosoft Engineering and our sister company makes sure that your information gets down the river of life safely.


There are three different points of data security that Prosoft Engineering recommends that you cover: preventative care, in-the-moment care, and emergency rescue. By covering all of your bases, you can have successful data loss recovery situations.

Upstream protection is being already prepared for every scenario. Drive Genius automates your protection against a hard drive crash. With 18 powerful features, Drive Genius protects you against any threat. The most important step, though, is having a working backup of your hard drive. Remember to always keep your backups up to date and verified.

If a worst case scenario happens, our award-winning Data Rescue software can help recover your files again. A park ranger can fish you out of the river. The software scans your hard drive like the ranger scans the river. If a physical problem happens, the Data Rescue Center can solve your hard drive’s issue with a no-data, no-risk guarantee. This is surgery for your hard drive, hoping to cure the problem.

Prosoft Engineering is committed to protecting people against data loss. That is our number one goal and mission statement. We have seen too many hard drives crash and fail. With our three products, we hope to ensure that you make it down the river of life safe and secure.

About the Author

Jeremy S.

My name is Jeremy, and I write for Prosoft Engineering. I am passionate about hard drive disaster prevention and recovery. In my free time, I like to read classic literature and explore the Bay Area.