Although the Cloud can be very handy to store your data, it is much too expensive and risky for long term data storage. Many companies that have Cloud services offer their customers some “free” space for their data, but there is always a catch. Most of the time, companies give a very small amount of space and then additional space comes with a great price. They draw you in with the free storage space and then you realize that space is clearly not going to store all of your family photos and videos, as well as all the financial documents you need saved. If you purchase the additional space and store all of your data on this cloud, you do not have any physical copies of your records and the information is just “floating in the internet.” It is not impossible for the Cloud servers to crash and all of your data be destroyed. There is a much safer, cheaper, and easier way for you to store your data. Data Backup 3 provides a simple process and can be a ideal solution for long term data storage.  Having the piece of mind that your family photos, videos and important documents are backed up for the long haul will save you the stress, money, and effort of other storage options.

Simple and Flexible Backup Software

Data Backup 3 has many features that enable the user to backup, restore, and synchronize important files with minimal effort. One of these features is the ability to use CDs/DVDs to make archived backups for your files that may include photos, videos, financial records, and many other important documents. CDs and DVDs are the best way to store your data for an extended period of time. They are ideal for the memories and records that you do not access often, but need to keep safe. In addition, they are inexpensive and very easy to store away in a safety deposit box or locked in a fireproof safe.

Backup Options

Another very useful feature of Data Backup 3 is the ability to chose your backup type. This software comes with a complete set of backup types that include clone, simple copy, versioned, and full/incremental. Each type has its own purpose and gives you the option to backup your data in different forms. The clone backup creates a bootable clone of your disk, with nothing extra. The Simple Copy backups the latest version of your files. The Versioned backups the latest version of your files, in addition to older versions so you can go back. The Full/Incremental is just an old school backup. Scheduling is another great feature that is found in Data Backup 3.

Schedule and Automate Your Backups

The powerful scheduler within the program allows you to schedule exactly when you would like your backups to occur. You can set them to occur every hour, every Monday, or when a device is plugged in. The software gives you the flexibility to make your backups work around you. The backups occur quietly in the background so you do not need to have the window open, be logged in, or even have the computer turned on for the scheduled backup to start.