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With Internet penetrating our lives big time it is important to ensure that we keep on updating ourselves with the variant tips and tricks to avoid malfunction of any sort. Two of the biggest problems encountered by regular internet users are security threat and reduced speed. It is not that difficult to deal with these issues if you are ready to educate yourself duly about the same. Please go through the post in a bid to be duly informed about ways to troubleshoot these problems.

Internet Security - How to Ensure That

Cyber security or information security has emerged as one of the most significant concerns dealt with by organizations. While cyber security is now treated as a part of the key operational strategies by some companies, there are other organizations that are still resorting to the reactive approach. Here are certain basic measures that can be adopted in a bid to deal with potent threats.

Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft is one of the biggest problems facing the cyber security landscape today. Hackers are apt at stealing your personal information whereby they are able to make valuable purchases with your credit card once the relevant data is acquired. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be familiar with sources with whom you are conducting these online purchase transactions. Wherever you are entering the important information (viz, your personal details) you should ensure that the page has a legal SSL certificate. Additionally there should not be warning or error signs flashed by your browser when you are trying to enter your details.

What is Phishing?

Phishing, once again is another online safety threat that you should seriously consider battling. This is a different sort of identity theft that entails the sending of e mails by fraudsters who pose as genuine or trusted websites like that of your bank. The link provided in the mail generally directs you to fake websites that appear perfectly genuine. Once you enter your personal information there, these scamsters buy stuff online using your funds and identity. The best way to avoid these scams would be not to click on any link that appears suspicious. Those who are using the internet explorer browser are most probably to be alerted by its phishing filter but please remember that there is no guarantee of 100 percent success rate here as well as all these filters are not full proof.

Ways to Step Up Internet Speed

Slowdown of internet speed can turn out to be quite a worry in case, especially if you are dependent on it for a major portion of the day. Here are ways to avoid a slowdown.

Make sure that you are removing the junk information in the right click menu. It is possible for a new source code to add its own website name to the right click menu. So each time you are using the source code, you would be finding it in the menu. Try to delete it from the registry.

Use the “Registry Editor” you can reduce the history logs. The presence of too many history logs in the address bar can drastically reduce the speed of your internet connection.

Protect Your Data

Besides protecting against cyber threats it is a good practice to make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place and backup your computer regularly. It is easy to forget about potential data disasters when your computer is running problem free. Most people never give any thought as to what they would do if they lost the data on their computer, it is a good idea to know about Prosoft's DIY hard drive recovery software for the Mac and PC. Data Rescue is easy to use award-winning data recovery software that can recover data from non-mounting, virus corrupted hard drives as well as deleted files or after a drive has been reformatted.

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