Is My Computer Worth Repairing?

When deciding whether to repair your computer, you must consider several factors. To begin with, advances in computer technology and design make many older computers obsolete enough to prohibit upgrading them. The cost of many computer components has gone down, however, unless you are skilled in computer repair, repair costs alone can come very close to the cost of a new machine.

Additionally, some of the older boxes are just not capable of running new hardware needed. This is especially true for Windows PCs with operating systems earlier than Windows XP. Another consideration is that the older motherboards and BIOS/CMOS setups have size restrictions on hard drive capacity and RAM. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find drives of fewer than 200 gigabytes in size, let alone the 8 to 40 gig drives these machines take. Programs are available to enable these older systems to utilize larger drives, but maybe it is time to get new equipment.

You will find that more and more, new software requires a 64-bit processor and operating system. A 64-bit system takes better advantage of the increased RAM capacity of the newer computers. This leads to better performance with programs such as video and music editing programs. Software designed for computer data recovery runs more effectively on 64-bit machines as well. Just ask any data recovery Windows or Mac specialist at The Data Rescue Center .

Finally, you might be able to repair your old computer, but will it be worth it? Sometimes the best way to speed up my Mac or Windows PC is to replace it.