Today, I assisted a customer using the Prosoft Data Rescue 3 recovery demo software. This customer accidentally deleted their iPhoto library inadvertently. She was panicking because she was worried she may have lost all her iPhoto pictures from her MacBook Pro. After discussing what happened with her and getting some more information from her, I started helping her run the Prosoft Data Rescue 3 Free Trial. The Free Trial is what we usually have customers try first, to see if it can see the deleted files on the Mac Drive in question. Once she had run the Free Trial, she was excited to see the accidentally deleted iPhoto pictures. At that point she purchased a serial number and we finalized the recovery of her iPhoto pictures. The process requires that you recover those deleted iPhoto pics over to a second drive, since that protects them from further corruption. This customer was also able to recover additional iPhoto pictures she hadn’t even realized she had lost and was very happy to get them back.. I love helping people use Data Rescue 3 to recovery precious iPhoto pictures or other important files.