Independent Application Volume Control and Headphone Optimization

Hear greatly improves sound quality in movies and music throughout all of your macOS applications. Hear utilizes the hardware already in your computer and combines that with state of the art DSP programming to give you additional bass, spatialization, 3D surround enhancements of any sound played through your Mac. A handy feature that Hear controls is independent application audio output. This especially useful when you have multiple applications open but want o independently control say iTunes but limit iChat or Mail audio notifications and alerts. To do this simply switch to the mixer tab and you can adjust a specific applications volume control. In the screen shot below the iChat and Mail apps are drastically lowered compared to iTunes. This gives the user control to hear the song or movie but minimize alerts to lower levels.

When your not using stereo speakers and switch to headphones you can select the mixer tab to tune the Hear for headphone use on the fly. Hear provides a wide variety of presets for you to choose from, genres include everything from Dance music to Movie Trailers. You can also select the type of environment the sound will be played in.

Hear ships with default presets for use with speakers or headphones. In each of the preset categories, presets intended for use with speakers are suffixed with ‘-S’. Presets intended for use with headphones are suffixed with ‘-H’.