Hear for Windows and Mac

Hear has been one of the top-selling Joesoft products for many years. However, the product had only been available to Macintosh users and that left a large portion of computer users in the dark. That’s all changed as of today: Hear now supports the PC market with the same great audio quality output that our Mac users have been used to.

Hear greatly improves sound quality in movies and music throughout all of your macOS or Windows applications. Hear utilizes the hardware already in your computer and combines that with state-of-the-art DSP programming to give you additional bass, spatialization, and 3D surround enhancements of any sound played through your computer

Hear extends sound beyond speakers and improves space perception. With various settings, Hear technology can generally improve the sound quality of what you’re listening to on your computer, be it a blockbuster movie, greatest-hits album of the hottest new game on the market.

Hear is priced at just $19.99 and includes support for Windows and Macs. Not convinced? Give our free 30-day demo a try and hear what you’ve been missing!

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