El Capitan Compatibility with Prosoft

El Capitan was released for free through the app store on September 30th, 2015. Here’s what Apple has to say about their new and improved OS:

“More than ever, Mac is the computer people love to use. And one of the biggest reasons is OS X. It’s what makes a Mac a Mac. OS X El Capitan, named for the iconic landmark in Yosemite National Park, builds on the groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of little ways that make a big difference. And it’s free to upgrade.”

Here’s is some feedback and a review from CNET by Nate Ralph:

As Nate Ralph says in his review, El Capitan is more evolution than revolution, but it's the next step in Apple's relentless march toward efficiency, chock full of improvements along the way. And it'll run on just about every Mac purchasedin the last few years: if your Mac can run Mavericks, you're all set.

Before taking the plunge, learn how to prepare your Mac for OS X El Capitan. And then read on to see how to use El Capitan’s new features.

Compatibility Overview

Below is an overview of El Capitan compatibility with Prosoft Engineering’s software. We are continually testing to ensure our products remain compatible with the newly released El Capitan.

If you find any issues with any of our software, either with compatibility with El Capitan or for any other reasons, please contact our support team.

Data Rescue ONE (Discontinued) – NEW! All-In-ONE hard drive recovery solution for Mac.

The Current version 4.2.1 of DR ONE is compatible from 10.7.5 to the current 10.11 (El Capitan)

Data Rescue 4 – Hard Drive Recovery software for Mac

The current version 4.2.1 is compatible from 10.7.5 to the current 10.11

Drive Genius 4 – Speed Up, Clean Up and Protect Your Mac.

The current version 4.1.1 is compatible from 10.8.3 to the current 10.11

Data Backup 3 – Powerful and Easy Mac Backup Software

The current version 3.1.9 is compatible from 10.4.11 – to the current 10.11

Hear – Sound Enhancement and Independent Sound Control

The current Mac version 1.2.4 is compatible from 10.7.5 to the current 10.11

SoundBunny – Independent Sound Control

The current version 1.1.4 is compatible from 10.7.5 to the current 10.11